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Is it weird of me to try a site like

I had been looking around at different sites and trying to find the right one that wouldn't make me feel weird and was definitely the answer.

What you will find is that the is ALWAYS one consistency… Men are taller than women. Around the world, men average in height anywhere from 5 foot 5 inches up to 6 feet 1 inch. Women average anywhere from 4 foot 10 inches up to 5 foot 7 inches, and what makes this interesting is that in countries where men are shorter, women are also shorter. In countries where men are taller, women are also taller, but still shorter than men. This tells us, with the utmost certainty that men are taller than women. It’s hard to find weight information throughout the world, but we can find it in The average woman is 165 lbs, and the average man is 190 lbs.

Since men are typically 25 lbs heavier on average, and 4-6 inches taller than women, isn’t it fair to assume that men are bigger than women? Since men also on average produce much more testosterone than women, isn’t it also safe to say men are typically stronger than women? Can we safely say now that men are bigger and stronger than women?

Ok, now what do women have on men? Let’s look at how we react to stressful situations. One of the sexes talks through a situation while one of them generally holds it in or fights over it. The fact that women are more open with their feelings than men actually makes them a little smarter. Sure, Bob can go and build a 3 story apartment complex, but what happens when Bob is having a problem and doesn’t find a solution. If Bob were Tracy, he’d reach out and talk to others about a solution that will benefit everyone but the fact is that Bob will most likely try to come up with something on his own as he has an ego that inhibits his own mental growth. There is a reason for all of this and it’s why we need to understand each other as different sexes and understand why we work differently. Women are smarter because they allow input from all sources. Men may be more tactical but this doesn’t make them smarter, it makes them more competitive.

So how does everyone at get along? By recognizing these differences and embracing them within one another and within our children. Don’t force your little girl to play with GI Joes as to try to make her “more equal to the boys” and don’t force your boys to play with Barbie so that he will be “more equal to the girls”. Give your kids the toys that will make them (most likely) feel most comfortable when they are older and if they resist them, then open up new options. Don’t force them to fall for anything because by making them love everything, they will fall for anything. This doesn’t mean intolerance and nor am I saying that boys can’t play with dolls. My point is that you should think about their future and what’s going to make them feel more comfortable 20 years from now when talking about Childhood stories… When Jimmy was little he was playing with strawberry shortcake and Katie was playing with WWF action dolls or Jimmy was playing with legos and Katie was playing with little pony’s.

So, now we’ve talked about the differences, now more about the roles men and women play, why it’s important, and what makes a successful family. I will start with defining a successful family. A successful family is one where each of its constituents is a happy member of society contributing their full potential.  Happiness comes from reaching your potential for production as defined in the aforementioned pages. Personal production and biological production are what makes human beings happy. The greatest happiness is the time I get to spend on and stop thinking about it.

The most important thing a man can do is be the leader of a household. This doesn’t always mean he’s the breadwinner, and doesn’t always mean he’s the strongest. It means that his job is to protect the entire family, provide discipline, and to provide guidance on how to effectively execute plans based on mutually agreed upon decisions between the husband and wife. He has the most power in the household because he also has the most responsibility. If he can not achieve these things for his family, he will not find happiness. He will learn quickly that he won’t have the most important glue that bonds a family… respect from his wife. Booty Shot will make the man of the household happier and the man of the neighborhood envy. It will help everyone and that's what people need to recognize.